Welcome to the Living Waters Wellness Center

Recent client quote - "I come here and I feel like my Soul is being refreshed."
Recent client quote - “Wow I feel so, so wowed. Now that I have experience how easy it is to feel good.”
Recent client quote - “I Love this place. It feels like coming home!”
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Throughout this website, you will find information on colon hydrotherapy and how it affects your weight, your overall sense of vitality, and health. Our holistic approach teaches you why being clean on the inside, makes you truly shine on the outside!
Living a healthy life is a process of cleansing the body and mind and then adopting a lifestyle of clear thoughts, natural foods, pure water, fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Being able to cleanse the body and the mind is an essential part of healing and living healthy. When the body is clean, it can absorb the essential nutrients it desperately needs to heal and repair. Our
10 Day Wellness Cleanse is for those seeking a rebirth of their soul and rejuvenation of their health!
10 Day Full Body Detox Cleanse Dates
  • November 3-10th
  • December 1- 10th
  • January 12-21st
  • Feburary 2-12th
  • March 2-11th
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