About Living Waters Wellness Center

We provide honest feedback as to how we may help our clients. As we help those with clogged colons and those experiencing irregular bowel movements, we also provide information and services to thousands of other clients that have found the healing abilities within to heal themselves by using our services. By promoting a healthy diet, creating awareness of the nutritional value of your food, and advocating a healthy, active lifestyle, we have changed our client’s lives and consider our service a “rebirth” of being. Our Colonic Sessions and Full Body Detox are offered in the City of Trees—Boise, Idaho.

We promote personal growth in a balanced lifestyle, clear thinking, and healthy rejuvenation of body and soul. We support our clients through the emotional and physical growth that our 10 Day Cleanse has to offer. Living Waters Wellness Center supports health conscious individuals by offering the highest quality service in colon cleansing and health education. We provide our services in a safe, comfortable and professional environment. Our every intention is to create a safe and loving atmosphere.

By empowering and educating people about preventative and holistic health, we hope to positively affect the lives of our clients. We do this by educating our clients about colonics, colon health, and how to find and eat the best nutritional foods that you can find. Finding relief from constipation, digestive issues, and irritable bowel syndrome, we are here to help set you back on the right path of well being. We also offer Liver Cleanses, Intestinal Parasite Cleanses, Gallbladder Cleanses, HCG weight loss products, nutritional supplements and consulting. We are located in Boise, Idaho but serve all of Idaho and the surrounding states and areas.

Living Waters was created in order to help you learn more about living a healthier lifestyle and protect your greatest asset...your health!